Eco oil filter cartridges are nowadays often applied instead of spin-on filters, which do not have metal elements.
These cartridges, similar to old oil cartridges are installed in dismountable casings, which are an integral part of the engine. Replacement of used filter cartridge requires more experience than replacement of the spin-on filter. There is potentially more rist of leaving gathered contaminants in the casing or inserting them into the oil system during improper operation. However, advantages from using ECO cartridges concerning mainly easy untilisation, encourage designers for their wide application.


Fuel filter cartridges made in ECO technology are designed considering easy utilization after exploitation period. Due to this fact these cartridges are ma-nufactured without metal parts, while bottoms and cores are made of modern plastic resistant to fuel. Lack of metal parts in ECO cartridges allows utilization of used cartridges in incinerator plants without dismantling and selecting elements. These cartridges do not have outer casings made of perforated paper (as in tra-ditional models) because filtering media are made of modern filtration materials with higher rigidity and pleats separation provides overpress on side surfaces of pleats during the process of filtering media pleating.
The advantages of ECO cartridges make the users of old type engines with origi-nal, traditional cartridges, change into cartridges without metal parts. The fuel cartridges made in ECO technology are also manufactured with medium made of special synthetic fabric for coarse fuel filtration in large engines of usable ve-hicles. Two-chamber dismountable casings often function in these engine fuel systems, where fuel flowing through both the cartridges goes under coarse filtration in the cartridge with fabric medium followed by fine filtration in the car-tridge with special filtration paper.